Apart from being acclaimed as one of the best Hill Resorts, Darjeeling is also a veritable paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers. Trekking in Darjeeling is an experience which no lover of nature should miss. It takes one to places from where one can feel the proximity of the stars and is still in its premival majesty. It brings one face to face with the snow-capped mountains with the sublime grandeur of the Himalayas. The region abounds in rhododendrons, magnolias, primulas, orchids and ferns of numerous varieties. About six hundred species of birds inhabit the emerald green forests on the slopes of the mountains.

Mountaineering is a sport reserved for the trained and well equipped personnels, but as far as trekking is concerned, it is a sport for one and all. There is no need to be a professional climber to enjoy the magnificient grandeur of the Himalayas, just an ordinary person who has the will to walk along the narrow paths of the hills and who has the inquisitiveness of viewing the serenity and sublime of the mountains.

Darjeeling has a long history with trekking and mountaineering. The late Tenzing Norgay lived in Darjeeling where he is still a folk hero and where his son lives today. In 1954 the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute was established and has trained and continues to train top expedition leaders. This is where I did my training years ago and where I received commendations for my snow and ice craft, rock climbing, high altitude climbs and team work.

Nested in the Himalayas Darjeeling offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Kanchenjunga the third highest mountain in the Himalayas and India’s tallest peak at 8598m is clearly visible in the cool mountain air. Sunrise from Tiger Hill is a popular attraction and Darjeeling’s highest point to view the mountain range. You can get there by trekking or jeep ride.

Nawang Trekking Specialists is a small family run business operating in Darjeeling. As a small business we offer flexible and custom packages and promise a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. A sample package would be to explore the beautiful terrain of Darjeeling and adjoining hills over looking the golden heights of majestic Kanchenjunga. Sandakphu at an altitude of 3,636 m on the famous Singalila ridge offers clients to savour the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern Himalayas. It climbs up through forests of rhododendron, giant magnolias, spruce and other trees of sub-alpine and more than 600 varieties of orchids – the largest to be found in one geographical area in the world. Phalut which is only 48 km from Kanchenjunga as the crow flies is bestowed with the best view of Kanchenjunga. Forming the junction of Nepal, Sikkim and West Bengal, Phalut along with Pemayangchi and Sandakphu, is considered one of the most rewarding places to visit.

Other Trekking Routes
Darjeeling offers a plentiful supply of trekking routes. Whilst we have set routes our main goal is to work with you to tailor a trek to your needs. We have various treks ranging from relatively easy and suitable for families to harder more demanding treks for the more serious trekker. Please use the contact page to contact us and we can discuss your needs either when you get here or before

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