Welcome to Nawang Trekking

My name is Sonam Bhutia and Nawang trekking is my family run business catering to all levels of trekking enthusiasts. Along with my brother we have been trekking in the Darjeeling area for over twenty years. With experienced teams for larger treks or personal one to one treks for small or family treks we can provide the ideal guide to this amazing landscape.

Our treks are based on the amount of days you require with four days being a minimum. Based on your requirements we will create a trek that suits your requirements and we will guide you on choosing the best options for spectacular views of the Himalayas. There are detailed maps available outlining the various trekking routes in our trekking section. This section of the site also gives information on what to bring, when the best time to travel is and an example of a typical trek.

We hope that we can provide you with the perfect trek full of memories and challenging experiences. We strive to make the experience more holistic by explaining local culture, food and customs to give you a better experience and one that will hopefully have lasting impact. Please see our section on customer recommendations from previous trekking stories and experiences. Our photo gallery also has pictures from previous treks.

If you are interested in meeting me please visit the contact section for full details.